9 November 2012

Glossybox... is it worth it?

So I have been subscribed to Glossybox for six months now, and I keep asking myself... "is it worth the money?" I have spent a total of £60 on the products I have received so far (excluding P&P costs) so I decided to collect all the past Glossyboxes together and weigh up what products have been well worth the money, and which haven't...

These are the products that I have absolutely loved and would purchase the full sized amount once my samples are empty:

The Noble Isle Summer Rising was the perfect shower gel for Summer, The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream has been a firm favourite of mine for a while so it was nice to get a little pot of that as I would definitely use it, the Berber Oil with Argan oil hair treatment is also well loved and it has made a massive improvement to my hair, balance Me is a brand I have wanted to try so I was happy to receive the wonder eye cream which I use every day, the Elizabeth Arden moisturiser was also something I wanted to try and I will purchase a full size in the future, I loved the Caudalie perfume sample during the summer and I have nearly ran out, and the hd brows was also something I really wanted to try, so again, another product I was delighted with.

Here are the products I haven't even tried/ I'm unhappy about:

The Vera Valenti eyeshadow palette is by far the most disappointing product - I can't even open it, and even if I could, I doubt I'd use any of the colours. I didn't like the Lady Gaga perfume sample - although now I know what it smells like. The Lipcote burns like hell, so I won't be using that again. The Clynol shampoo was disappointing because I don't have dyed hair (which I stated on the personal beauty profile - so I'm not sure why I was sent that). The Dermalogica clean start kit was good value - but I'm happy with my current skin care routine so I don't really want to try any new products in case my skin breaks out. The imPRESS nails were disappointing because I don't wear false nails and the pattern just isn't me at all. The BM beauty bronzer was a bit of a waste too because I love my Nars bronzer and I'm a bit scared of loose bronzer because I get it everywhere! The Pro White Original nail polish has only been used once - because of the lighting in work, it made my nails look ultra-violet... not a good look!

So £60 for only 7 products I loved isn't looking good, I love the element of suprise of Glossybox but I'm afraid that what is inside isn't living up to the excitement. I know that the concept is to try new products, but it seems that my beauty profile isn't being taken into account and I am receiving products that don't suit my colouring/preferences. 
I think that if the November box doesn't hold anything great, I'm going to unsubscribe.

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