17 February 2013

Review : This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk

The stresses of being a third year university student has recently led me to research into stress release and sleep aids. A brand I've heard a lot of recently is thisworks, and their deep sleep range has been widely raved about.
I bought the deep sleep pillow talk from beautybay.com for £15.80 and it contains a 75ml pillow spray and 5ml stress less roller ball.
The pillow spray has a heavenly calming scent and is enriched with a peaceful blend of Lavender, Vetivert and Chamomile Essential Oils to promote relaxtion.
The rollerball contains Eucalyptus and Lavender Oils to help you breate easily and calm your senses. I apply the rollerball to my pulse points during stressful study sessions, or to calm myself just before a presentation.
An alternative to the thisworks deep sleep range, is the Sleeptherapy range from Avon. I found these products to be just as effective, and at a really good price too!
Currently, the products are on a 3 for £5 deal. (Otherwise priced: Body wash £3.50, Pillow mist £4.50 and Sleep balm £3). I was excited when I found these products, and to be honest, probably wouldn't have spent £15 on thisworks if I'd have known.
The Sleeptherapy line also contains a relaxing and calming Lavender scent and truly helps to create a peaceful mind and sends me straight to sleep - a great cheaper alternative to thisworks.


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