15 April 2013

Models Own Scented Nail Polish

FINALLY! Sooo many times have I opened a bottle of delicious looking nail polish only to take a whiff and be unpleasantly surprised. Models Own have launched the Fruit Pastel Nail Polish Collection, in lovely Spring Pastels (to make them even more yummy!)
I even had a countdown to the release date on my phone I was that excited! They are the perfect nail polishes for Spring.
Now please don't be as silly as me and unscrew the top and sniff straight away - you will feel as dizzy as I did. (Obviously) you have to apply the nail polish and let it dry before the scent kicks in. There's a little scratch and sniff on the lid too incase to want to smell it beforehand. I didn't even do this - I loved the colours so much I bought them regardless.
I couldn't possibly choose my favourite colour - but the Grape Juice is my favourite scent, it smells just like the scented gel pens we had in school!


8 April 2013

Monday Morning update

So it's 9 am on a very cold April morning (I've painfully been awake since 7). After 3 weeks Easter break it's back to uni.
We have an "industry guest" at 10, and unfortunately my train gets me here just short of an hour early.
Since this is the only time I've had to waste in a very long time, I thought I'd do a little update...
So all my time is focused on my final campaign and dissertation at the moment, and it really annoys me I can't focus on my blog.
After I graduate I think I'm going to take a gap year before plunging into the "real world". My boyfriend will still have another year at uni so I can't run off an get a job in London or Paris so I'm going to try and intern as much as possible, as well as travelling and blogging.
I'm really excited about this year.

7 April 2013

Sunday Summary : Week #14

Hello lovelies, my 'Sunday Summary' post is usually a collection of images that summarise my week. Now then, unfortunately this week I have only done 2 things. 1: dissertation and 2: shopping. 
Uni is crazy at the moment, with only a handful of weeks left I have stressing about my final project. My last ever student loan came in on Saturday so I had a lovely day out with my sister, mum and nanna.
This is what I bought:
(expect a more detailed post shortly)