28 May 2013

University - My Course and Experience

Hurrah! I have completed my 3 year Fashion and Brand Management degree at the University of Central Lancashire. For the last six month, pretty much all of my spare time has been focused on completing my dissertation and final campaign so I haven't spent as much time as I'd have liked on my blog/YouTube channel.
I officially handed in my last ever assignment on Monday 20th May, and as of now I am free :) I haven't really got an agenda at the moment, I'm going to Glastonbury festival in June and then travelling Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in August. I have a part-time internship at a studio offering courses in styling, fashion and textiles to keep me busy until I find a job.
For anyone that is interested in my course, please watch my University Course & Experience video that I posted on my YouTube channel. If anyone has any comments or questions, I'd love to answer them :)

I had an absolutely amazing time at uni... I met some wonderful people that will be friends for life and I've really grown up (or so my Mum says!).

I'm really excited for the next chapter of my life 

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