5 July 2013

✿ A Girl's Guide to Festivals ✿

Having arrived home, tired and dirty, from my 4th Glastonbury festival, I thought I'd write a few tips and tricks (a guide, if you will...) to surviving a music festival. Believe me, it is not as glamorous as one might think...
4 years ago, naive to the world of festivals, I looked upon the festival-elite such as Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Peaches Geldof for inspiration. As perfect as they look, the average girl must be warned that behind their polished exteriors are a fleet of heated VIP Winnebagos (complete with cooker and heated shower).

As lovely as this Revlon Festival Film is (and oh how I wish it could be achieved), unless you pack a makeup artist, stylist and shower... it just isn't going to happen!

I've found a few ways to avoid looking like this:
1. If there are showers on site - use them! The longest I've queued for a festival shower was 4 hours, but oh man it was worth it!
2. Take a picnic rug/blanket to sit on so your clothes don't get muddy and dirty.
3. Baby wipes are your friend.
4. Avoid smelly loos - this might sound gross (but we've all done it as a child) going for a tinkle in your tent is a lot cleaner than the disgusting long drops or portaloos. Something like THIS is a God-send.
5. Keep a little bucket or container of water in your tent to have a wash/clean your teeth/wash your hair with in a morning/evening, you'll feel better and avoid the colossal queues at the water points.

Here are my Top 10 Festival Essentials:
At almost 24, I think my tent-days are over. It's not just the soul-destroying trek from car park to camp site, but just the general gloom of tentlife. Next year I'm aiming to hire a Tipi, at £1000 they're certainly not cheap! but bearing in mind that the VIP Winnebago hire can cost a whopping £4000! I don't think it's all that bad. Tipi's can actually house up to 6 adults, so £166 for a lovely, spacious, mud-free Tipi (not to mention the shower area!!!) is sounding VERY tempting.

I'll include a few snaps from my recent trip to Glastonbury:

Happy Festivalling everybody!