5 July 2013

✿ A Girl's Guide to Festivals ✿

Having arrived home, tired and dirty, from my 4th Glastonbury festival, I thought I'd write a few tips and tricks (a guide, if you will...) to surviving a music festival. Believe me, it is not as glamorous as one might think...
4 years ago, naive to the world of festivals, I looked upon the festival-elite such as Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Peaches Geldof for inspiration. As perfect as they look, the average girl must be warned that behind their polished exteriors are a fleet of heated VIP Winnebagos (complete with cooker and heated shower).

As lovely as this Revlon Festival Film is (and oh how I wish it could be achieved), unless you pack a makeup artist, stylist and shower... it just isn't going to happen!

I've found a few ways to avoid looking like this:
1. If there are showers on site - use them! The longest I've queued for a festival shower was 4 hours, but oh man it was worth it!
2. Take a picnic rug/blanket to sit on so your clothes don't get muddy and dirty.
3. Baby wipes are your friend.
4. Avoid smelly loos - this might sound gross (but we've all done it as a child) going for a tinkle in your tent is a lot cleaner than the disgusting long drops or portaloos. Something like THIS is a God-send.
5. Keep a little bucket or container of water in your tent to have a wash/clean your teeth/wash your hair with in a morning/evening, you'll feel better and avoid the colossal queues at the water points.

Here are my Top 10 Festival Essentials:
At almost 24, I think my tent-days are over. It's not just the soul-destroying trek from car park to camp site, but just the general gloom of tentlife. Next year I'm aiming to hire a Tipi, at £1000 they're certainly not cheap! but bearing in mind that the VIP Winnebago hire can cost a whopping £4000! I don't think it's all that bad. Tipi's can actually house up to 6 adults, so £166 for a lovely, spacious, mud-free Tipi (not to mention the shower area!!!) is sounding VERY tempting.

I'll include a few snaps from my recent trip to Glastonbury:

Happy Festivalling everybody! 


  1. Really helpful and great post! I think the dry shampoo is a must have for me, Cool pictures too! xox


    1. Thanks very much :) are you planning any festivals this summer? xx

  2. This is a great festival guide :) I'd probably be a bit naive too if I went, thinking I could pull off the looks of some of the most famous and glamorous and not thinking about the fact I'd be camping and not have electricals and showers, etc. I've never been to any festivals and can't really see myself going either - I hate bugs and mud and I'm a real girly girl haha I do love the festival fashion though and looking at other peoples pics!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely comment :) xx

  3. I love festivals, but they can be a challenge. I also have quewed for hours to use a shower, and it was gross, but it was so much worth it...better than staying dirty, Eugh! I also compltley agree with our 'essencials' list- I think I always take all of them! This was a great guide, thank you for sharing this swill everyone, i'm sure we all found this helpful:)

    I really like your blog, so it would literally mean the world to me if you could follow and check out my blog:)


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :) I'd love to follow you xx

  4. I love your blog and the 10 Festival Essetials has really inspired me for when I go to V-Fest in the summer! Really enjoyed this and am now looking forward to the festival!
    Thank you!! Xoxo


    1. Aww that's made my day :D thank you! have a great time at V xxx

  5. Only just discovered your blog but it's SO cute! I love the way you write and I randomly really love your header at the top? Hahaha! You're also absolutely beautiful :) X


    1. Thank you Shaun - that's a really lovely comment :D x

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