15 January 2014

Rimmel Space Dust Nail Polish

         Luna Love                                                                          Moon Walking   
       Shooting Star                                                                       Total Eclipse   
I was so excited when the Space Dust collection was released, and knew I'd have to buy all of them. After all, they are only £3.99 each! :)
Like all Rimmel nail polishes, they apply really well and the brush is easy to control and spreads just the right amount of product widely across the nail. I find two coats best, and didn't use a top coat (although recommended if you don't like a textured finish to the nail). The nail polish lasted around 5 days before it started to chip at the tip of the nails.
Quite hard to remove due to the glitter, and I also found a base-coat worked best to keep the nails healthy and prevent damage.
I think Shooting Star is my favourite, as this was my perfect Christmas nail colour. I also love Aurora and I think it looks quite elegant.

Also, sorry my nails are so short... they were all chipped off last week in work :'(


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