24 February 2014

A Little Bit About My Job at Cath Kidston

Hello! On my YouTube channel I receive quite a few questions about my job, what are my main tasks and how did I get it.

Well, for those of you that don't know... I'm an In Store Visual Merchandiser & Sales Assistant at Cath Kidston (I would prefer not to mention the exact store, sorry). So my main job is to make sure the shop looks absolutely gorgeous and reflects our lovely brand image at all times. The shop floor must look welcoming and show off all of our amazing stock. I'm also a Sales Assistant when I'm not doing VM, so that involves helping our customer find what they're looking for and always providing excellent customer service.

Throughout my course at University (I studied Fashion Brand Management at UCLan) I knew I eventually wanted to work for Cath Kidston because I have loved the shop for around 6/7 years. So when possible, I would centre my Uni projects around the brand. Then when I graduated last summer, I applied for a Sales Assistant job, attended a not-so-scary interview - and was offered the job! :)

I absolutely love my job, it's such a friendly and homely environment and the team are like a family. It involves a lot of hard work - especially as our main role is to sell! But overall it's such a lovely place to work in, the customers are all lovely and of course I get to work with the most beautiful merchandise!

Eventually, I would like to apply for a job at Head Office, perhaps in Buying or Visual Merchandising. I'm still figuring out what my particular desired position is, and also gaining as much experience for the company as I can!

If anyone has any questions then I'd love to answer them :)

Here's a little sneak peak into what my average work day is like:


20 February 2014

DIY Cath Kidston Bunting

I have found there are two really simple ways to make lovely floral bunting. Option 1 includes some simple hand sewing (which really doesn't need any skill at all) and option 2 is even easier, which requires a hole-puncher!

 For a really easy to follow tutorial, please watch my video below :)