23 March 2014

My Pamper Routine & Essentials

So one of my absolute favourite things to do on a Sunday night is have a good pamper. It calms and unwinds after a long week, and prepares me ready for Monday morning.

It begins with a gorgeous bubble bath, and candles of course. 9 times out of 10, I will use a lovely bath product from Lush - it's just always hard to choose just one bubble bar! Tonight I used the Rose Bubble Bar.
 Whilst I'm waiting for the bath to fill up, I'll apply a hair treatment and face mask.
Then I get into my really lovely and relaxing bubble bath and let the hair and face masks work their magic!
After 20 minutes, I'll wash the hair mask out with my favourite shampoo 'Rehab' and also remove the face mask, I will exfoliate my body with the Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory.

After my bath, I will moisturise my body from top to toe!
I will then pamper my feet using my brilliant foot spa and amazing products from The Body Shop!
Last but not least, I will moisturise my hands, apply a nail treatment and paint my nails.
Then there's nothing better than putting on clean PJs and getting into fresh bedding.
What are your Pamper Night essentials?


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