10 July 2014

❀ Glastonbury 2014 ❀

This year's Glastonbury Festival was probably one of my all-time favourites, mostly because this year it was just my boyfriend & I. We got to see some of our favourite bands, some which we'd never seen together before and some we had (which brought back some lovely memories).

The sun was shining early on which set a glorious mood for the festival, and only rained for a small portion, which set a rather muddy bed for the weekend.

Our little routine is to head down to the Greenpeace showers every single morning, which makes the world of difference to your festival experience. Then we have breakfast at the Greenpeace cafe and then head off to explore the rest of the site and all it's wonders.

We have our favourite food spots, which includes - Greenpeace Farmer's Market, Pizza To The People, Anna Mae's Mac & Cheese, and the Tea & Toast Van. 

I filmed 2 videos whilst at Glastonbury...

❀ What's in My Festival Bag ❀  

❀ My Glastonbury 2014 Highlights ❀
Did you go to Glastonbury this year? Or watch it on the tele? 
I'd love to know what YOUR highlights were :)

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