28 August 2014

My Bucket List | 30 Before 30

Last month I turned 25, and it got me thinking about what I wanted to do before my 30th birthday... I make so many plans and never actually carry them out (mostly due to time or funds). But I thought if I made an official Bucket List and put it out on the internet, then I'd have to find time/funds to do it. Plus it's a whole lotta fun!

I've tried to make them as achievable as possible, i.e. nothing too costly, not a ridiculous amount of travelling (one holiday a year is okay... not 5), and nothing too hard or that involves too much time. After all, it's supposed to be a hoot not a chore!

So here are the top 30 things I'm going to do before I'm 30!

1. Attend a perfomance by the Royal Ballet on opening night
2. Drive Route 66 
3. Learn how to play guitar and be able to play a Smiths song
4. Knit a scarf  
5. Go to Coachella
6. Live in a foreign city for at least 6 months
7. Surf in Hawaii 
8. Be fluent in French and/or Italian
9. Watch a play at The Globe Theatre
10. Learn how to drive
11. Own a Chanel 2.55 handbag
12. See the Northern Lights
13. Watch the sunrise over Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice
 14. Learn how to play the piano
15. Go scuba diving
16. Watch a meteor shower
17. Visit Hobbiton, New Zealand
18. Attend an opera at La Scala, Milan
19. Spend Christmas in a ski lodge with my family
20. Swim with dolphins
21. Skydive
22. Visit New York
23. Watch the sunrise in a hot air balloon
24. Hug a Koala
25. Go on a Road Trip around Europe
26. Learn how to play chess
27. Sign up for volunteer work
28. Learn ballet
29. Read the entire works of Jane Austen
30. Conquer my biggest fear

What's on YOUR Bucket List?! 

26 August 2014

I Like Mine #TotesBig! {Cath Kidston}

Bag : Cath Kidston Garden Rose Cross Body Bag
 Book : How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran
Glasses : Ray Ban Prescription Wayfarers
Phone : iPhone 4s | Phone Case by RainyDay Designs
Earphones : Apple
Chocolate : Dairy Milk
Keys/Keyrings : Disneyland & Cath Kidston
Hand Sanitiser : Soap & Glory
Stress Less Rollerball : This Works
Notebook : WHSmith
Diary : Cath Kidston
Pen : Cath Kidston
Small Makeup Bag : Cath Kidston
Perfume : Jo Malone | Peony & Blush Suede
Lipsticks : Chanel & YSL
Blusher Compact : Chanel
Purse : Cath Kidston Garden Rose

Do you like yours #TotesBig or #TotesSmall?

24 August 2014

Jo Malone : Peony & Blush Suede

This exquisite and charming cologne is my very first Jo Malone purchase, and it was actually a gift from my lovely mother. We made quite the occasion of going to the Jo Malone store in Chester, and made sure we had a good sniff of all the beautiful scents.
It was a pretty hard decision, I've always had Chanel : Coco Mademoiselle as my signature scent, so I wanted something a bit different and slightly more mature.

Peony & Blush suede is still a very pretty floral scent; jasmine, rose (of course), and gillyflower. It is charming and elegant, with the crisp top note of a juicy red apple and the sensual base note of suede (which compliments the florals and adds oppulence to the fragrance).

I am extremely pleased with my new cologne and will look forward to adding to my Jo Malone collection.

19 August 2014

Hello, how are you?

Hello to my lovely readers. I wanted to write a small post to sort of explain where I have been lately and where I would like my blog to go in the future.

But first and foremost, I would like to apologise for the sparse content on my blog this year. It was one of my New Year resolutions to blog three times a week, and as you may have noticed, I haven't even come close. 

You see, I'm quite a perfectionist and if I'm to do something I plan it all out in my head (and diary) and before I know it I have myself a full on project with sketches and scripts. For even the smallest of blog posts, there will usually be a lot behind it. And, obviously, that takes up a great deal of time.

Blogging is still just a hobby for me, something I really enjoy doing in my spare time. And unfortunately I haven't had a lot of it in the last few months. Whether it be birthdays, holidays, new jobs, graduations... You name it! So whilst at the back of my mind are constant blog post ideas, I can never find the time to sit down and execute them.

This is something I want to change. 

I would like to establish my blog more and really get into a schedule. I will need your help, if you would be so kind! Please always feel free to comment with any ideas, what you like and what you don't like. I really enjoy reading all the comments on my YouTube videos and you can also tweet me at @englishroses89

I'm really excited about this, and now that I'm settled into my new job and everything has calmed down I can plan a weekly blogging schedule and stick to it! 

:) Hayley x