24 August 2014

Jo Malone : Peony & Blush Suede

This exquisite and charming cologne is my very first Jo Malone purchase, and it was actually a gift from my lovely mother. We made quite the occasion of going to the Jo Malone store in Chester, and made sure we had a good sniff of all the beautiful scents.
It was a pretty hard decision, I've always had Chanel : Coco Mademoiselle as my signature scent, so I wanted something a bit different and slightly more mature.

Peony & Blush suede is still a very pretty floral scent; jasmine, rose (of course), and gillyflower. It is charming and elegant, with the crisp top note of a juicy red apple and the sensual base note of suede (which compliments the florals and adds oppulence to the fragrance).

I am extremely pleased with my new cologne and will look forward to adding to my Jo Malone collection.

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  1. It sounds amazing from the description! My favorite perfume is Lancome's Tresor In Love which is also jasmine and roses and a bit berries, so I'm guessing this one would be gorgeous too :)