22 October 2014

A Perfectly Lovely Autumn Day ♥

I had the most wonderful afternoon with my mum today, we chatted about Christmas over hot chocolate and cake, went for a stroll through the park, and bought the cutest little pumpkins on the way home.
It was by chance that I had my camera with me to capture some beautiful moments from our day...
Don't you just love days like this?


  1. I love this post. I love seeing pictures of Autumn but hate how cold it gets in the mornings. I love your boots and those pumpkins are adorable.




    1. Thank you ♥ I'm glad you enjoyed my little post :)
      Hayley xx

  2. Dear Haley

    You are absolutely beautiful! It is so lovely to see that you have such a close relationship with your mum, she seems lovely too!

    I absolutely adore you dress! i love love love cats, they are by far the most lovely pets.

    Days like this are the best especially when they are not planned and just unexpectedly turn out prefect. I really love christmas planning. I absolutely rubbish at Christmas planning so i would love it if you could maybe do a blog post on Christmas planning tips as no one in my family is enthusiastic about Christmas so they never want to help me plan it.

    I love your Lush Bath Bomb blog post. It inspired me to take a trip to Lush. I live in Australia but i do think that my local Lush has most of the bath bombs you listed. Since i live in Australia it is going into summer so it is getting a bit too warm for baths but i will save them for a nice rainy day.

    You are so lucky to have a older sister who shares similar interests! She seems just as lovely and genuinely kind as you are!

    I know this may sound strange but i promise i am not a freak and you can say no but i would really like to send you a Christmas present just to say thank you for all the lovely blog posts and Youtube videos you make as they really do inspire me and bring a smile to my face. It would only be something small as i am in my final year of college and don't have a job but i think we have really similar styles as i love fresh flowers, Cath Kidston, drinking far too many cups of tea, scented candles, getting far too excited about season changes, getting into pyjamas as soon as i get home after a long day and i love being all warm and cosy.

    Please let me know your thoughts, my email address is katie.brauman@gmail.com

    I hope you have many more lovely days like this to come as you are so lovely!

    Warmest wishes


    P.s i am sorry that this is such a long ramble as i know you wrote on instagram only a 'wee comment" so i don't mind if you wanted to delete it if it is taking up too much room.

    1. Hi Katie ♥

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it has absolutely made my day :) Of course I would never delete it! It's probably the nicest comment I've ever received :)

      I'm so happy you enjoy reading my blog and watching my videos etc, but honestly, the support and lovely words you give me are present enough :) I would absolutely love it if you wanted to send me something BUT ONLY SOMETHING LITTLE :) haha please don't spend any money. I'd be thrilled with just a letter :)

      Many thanks & lots of love xxx

    2. PS I would LOVE to write any Christmas related post :)
      I'm sad to hear you don't have any christmas-enthusiasts in your family, I wish you didn't live so far away because me and my family are the most festive people I know haha you are more than welcome to join in any christmas activity I post online :D

  3. Hello Hayley! I love your blog so much and it has inspired me to start writing my own beauty blog. I wondered if you could give me some tips on how to make my blog successful and maybe check out my posts? Of course you don't have to. Have a great day!

    Love Elizabeth


  4. Hi Hayley! Can I ask where you went for coffee and cakes? It looks so nice! Also, I love your lipstick! What is it? Sorry for all the questions!

    Naomi xxx