19 January 2015

Lush : Rosie

If there was one Lush product made for me, this would be it...
I received this beautiful Gift Box for Christmas (well done Dad), and I have been waiting until I used up all of my Christmas products until I opened it, I still haven't - but I couldn't wait any longer!
It contains 5 of Lush's loveliest rose products, which if my blog title doesn't suggest, are my favourite flowers.
Lush gift boxes are always so beautifully packaged, I love this paper and I've been trying to think of something creative to do with it! 
Here's what's inside:
 Rose Jam Shower Gel
A decadent, rose shower gel made with vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice and nourishing argan oil, Rose Jam leaves your skin soft, hydrated and sweetly-scented.

 Rose Jam Bubbleroon
Pep up your spirits in a bath filled with Rose Jam: lemon, rose and geranium oil will help perk you up, while coconut oil and shea butter leave your feeling gorgeous. Rose oil and rose absolute give a double dose of rosiness, helping clear the mind and boost your mood.

 Tisty Tosty
Tisty Tosty is based on a medieval love potion - he loves me, he loves me not. Studded with seven real rosebuds, it is scented with a captivating combination of loral orris root powered, rose, and lemon. As this dissolves in the bath, you may fall in love with it as the scent of geranium, jasmine and rose create a spellbinding fragrance. Rose oil also gets to work soothing broken hearts - it's used by aromatherapists to lift the spirits. 

 Ro's Argan
This is chock-a-block with delicious butters and oils to leave your skin looking plumped up, gorgeous and smelling of roses. Take this into the shower or bath, massage over wet skin and rinse off just as you would a hair conditioner. With deeply nourishing argan oil, which is thought to have anti-ageing properties as it's rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and added brazil nut and almond oils as well ad cocoa, she and cupuacu butters to leave your skin supple and radiant.

When you need life to bring you flowers, this heady rose scent combined with stimulating lemon is the perfect thing to pick you up. This is a romantic, relaxing bath to take you away from it all. With rose absolute, which produces a feeling of well-being, lemon oil and sweet orange oil also give you reasons to feel cheerful.

I can't wait to start using these products straight away! And I'll probably be posting mini reviews of each one as I always do...

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12 January 2015

What's In My Bath? Lush : Lord of Misrule

I have loads of my Christmas Lush stash left, probably enough to see me through until March.
But I'm not complaining because I secretly hate the fact Christmas is over, so each sunday night I light my Christmas candle, pop on my favourite Christmas album (Tracy Thorn - Tinsel and Lights) and have a very festive post-Christmas bath...
This week I used the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb... The spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil is very comforting, and as the festive green bath bomb fizzes away, it leaves a surprising centre of a deep red wine colour.
What did you use in your bath this week?
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10 January 2015

January Wish List

Sick of January blues already?
I have been putting a little wish list together, ready for January pay day!
Sadly, they're all rather expensive, though very very dreamy...

3. Chanel Reverie Parisienne Jardin de Chanel Blush

5 January 2015

My Favourite Nail Polish Pairing, Ever.

My New Year's Eve nails were nothing but sparkly, naturally...
I used Nails Inc : 'Uptown' all over the nail, then applied Essie : 'Set In Stones' once over 2/3, twice over 1/2 and thrice over 1/3 on the tip, to create an ombre effect of glitter!

1 January 2015

☆ Hello 2015! ☽

Happy New Year to all of my lovely readers! I hope you all had a brilliant 2014, and here's to 2015 being even better...
I've decided to write a little post about what I really want to achieve this year, and small changes I'd like to make to ensure I do.
My Blog and YouTube channel have always been a hobby for me, which I really enjoy doing in my spare time. However, I've found recently that I'm not making enough time for something I thoroughly enjoy doing, and it makes me feel a bit down when I haven't been 'online' for a while. This year I want to make sure that I make time for it and try and come up with some sort of schedule so that it's easy to keep up with.
I'd also really like to try and meet new people and fellow Bloggers/YouTubers, as I've made some really great friends over the past few years - so it'd be great to meet even more of you!

For personal reasons, (which I won't bore you with), December was kind of a shit month. Christmas aside, I had a lot to deal with and it's got me to thinking what I need to focus on in life, and quite frankly... I need to get my shit together.
I haven't been my own person for a long time, and when you're half of someone else, it's difficult to find who you truly are. Which leads me to my next point...

I need focus all of my attention of getting a job that I love, a job which pays off for all the hard work whilst I was at University. Which would also pay for a lovely little flat of my own, that's all I've dreamed of for the last few years, my own life and my own space.

The fact I don't even own a pair of suitable running shoes for the above picture proves that I am far too unhealthy. I've joined a gym before but I found it too intense. Instead, I intend on walking/jogging/running outdoors every other day. Far more motivational and enjoyable. January pay day = Nike X Liberty running shoes.

I have a really great feeling about 2015! 
I'd love to know your resolutions - please comment below with what you'd like to achieve this year...