22 March 2015

What's in My Bath : Lush 'A French Kiss'

'A French Kiss' is the perfect way to relax and unwind on a Sunday evening. Lavender clears the mind and helps you have a good night's sleep, it's also really good for your skin and the extra virgin coconut oil helps to nourish and moisturise.
What did you use in your bath this evening?
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9 March 2015

Lush Bloggers Event & Giveaway!

 I was recently invited to the Lush store in Chester, to attend a Bloggers Event with 7 other local bloggers and a few of the lovely team from the Chester store. We had a fantastic evening of demonstrations, delicious refreshments and chitter chatter.

Watch the video:

I am also giving away this really lovely knot-wrap gift containing:
♥ Toucan Love Gift Box (1x Prince Charming Shower Gel & 1x Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar)
♥ BubbleGrub Bubbleroon
♥ Love You Mum soap

To Enter
1. Comment on the video with your favourite Lush product
3. Please be a subscriber
You can also follow my on Instagram & Twitter if you're feeling extra lovely!

Winner will be announced March 22nd on my channel.
Please make sure that if you're under 18 you have permission to enter as I'll need a postal address.
UK only sorryyyy ♥

4 March 2015

Lush : Relax

This is the latest box I treated myself to (I like to occasionally buy the gift boxes as a treat for myself because I usually end up trying new products that I wouldn't normally put in my basket!). The theme of this lovely little box is to 'Relax'. It is filled with 3 of Lush's most calming and soothing products:
Twilight Shower Gel:
This was the entire reason I bought this box. I absolutely adored the Twilight shower gel when it was in stores arounddd November 2012? And I used it oh-so-sparingly when I learnt it was limited edition. BUT when I found out that it is exclusively available inside the Relax box, I was absolutely thrilled.
It is the most calming and comforting shower gel you can imagine. It is purple and sparkly, smells like the most gorgeous lavender (it isn't strong like some) and instantly relaxes me into a stress-free and sleepy mood. It also lingers on the skin so that when you get all tucked up into bed, you can still smell the calming scent.

A French Kiss Bubble Bar:
I haven't tried this before, but it's something that always catches my eye in the Lush stores, because it looks absolutely divine. Again, it contains mostly lavender, which clears the mind and helps improve the quality of your sleep. It’s also really good for the skin, soothing and used to treat soreness and burns. Extra virgin coconut oil gives a lightly moisturising, non-greasy texture.
I imagine this would be perfect after a long stressful week, to unwind and calm for the weekend.

Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt:
 I have never seen this in store before, so I was very intrigued when I found it in the box. It sounds absolutely fantastic though... "Drop the muslin pouch into your bathwater and watch it release its oily oatmilk, turning the water a creamy colour. Once it has melted, use the bag as a washcloth and enjoy the spellbinding scent of frankincense, rose and sandalwood." 

I think this might be one of my favourite boxes yet, I'm super excited to try the products. 
I very often suffer from stress and headaches which really affects the quality of sleep at night, I can be tossing and turning for hours trying to forget all the thoughts that pop into my head.
So I'm really optimistic that these gorgeous little treats are going to help!


3 March 2015

February Favourites

Wow we're in March already! I'm so excited for Spring, a change of season and hopefully weather. But before I start going on about my love for pastel nail polishes, let's go through what I loved in February.

CHANEL Holiday 2013 Ombré Matelassées Eyeshadow Palette in Charming
This is one of my most precious possessions, and not just beauty related. It is so exquisite, I actually kept it in it's perfect little box on my dressing table for almost a year, completely untouched. But this Christmas I wanted to use it, and I'm so glad I did because I love it more now than when it was pristine. 
These five neutral shades are perfect for creating a sultry plumy smokey eye. I actually really enjoy playing with a few different eyeshadow looks with this palette, so I might dedicate an entire post to it.

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 376 Cassis Passion
I adore this lipstick - the colour is a perfect dark berry/plum with a hint of raspberry so it's ideal for the transition from Winter to Spring. The formula is lovely and it glides on to the lips without clinging to any dry patches (which I've been suffering with during these cold months!). The lasting power is superb... I recently went to a wedding (watch my Get Ready With Me) I applied this lipstick at 11AM and it was still there well gone midnight - champagne sipping and all!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush This has genuinely changed the way my foundation looks on my skin. I have been a huge fan of the Real Techniques Buffing Brush for quite a while, but there's something about this that's just so - amazing. Perhaps it's the oval shape to the brush head, it just applies foundation so evenly and really works the product into the skin to create a flawless finish.

I love Lush - who doesn't? I think I have been especially loving having bubble baths lately because I've had so many Christmas products and presents to use that I've been having pamper nights 2-3 times a week! Plus, the gorgeous Easter/Spring collection is out now which is my favouriteee so I need to go to Chester and fill my basket up pronto!

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Lumiere Supreme Hold
This stuff is seriously awesome. Straight, waves, updo, anything! I've always been a fan of the L'Oreal Elnett hairsprays since I was about 18, but this one in particular is so lovely, it smells like Chanel No5, it doesn't leave my hair crispy, it holds a style all day and it makes my hair super shiny.

Malki's Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap
This is great on both body and face. I use it in the shower, rub in my hands to create a thick lather (don't worry - it isn't black!) and massage it all over, leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse off. Pretty standard procedure for any soap - but this leaves my skin sooo nourished and it really does work a deep clean. AND it helps to stimulate blood circulation which (correct me if I'm wrong) battles cellulite!

What products did you love this month?

1 March 2015

What's In My Bath : Lush 'Shoot For The Stars'

This has got to be one of my favourite and most relaxing baths ever.
I usually prefer bubble bars over bath bombs because I do like a bit of a show and lots of lovely bubbles to soak in. But this bath bomb was just spectacular. As the beautiful purple orb-like bomb whizzed around the bath, it left a trail of yellow and white shimmer - just like a shooting star.
The water turned a heavenly and relaxing lavender colour and the sensual scent of honey and toffee filled the bathroom, leaving mind and body feeling totally Zen.
What did you use in your bath this evening?
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