11 July 2016

The Botanist, Chester

The Botanist in Chester has been my very favourite restaurant since it opened it's floral gates in 2014. So when I was invited to come and sample their brand new menu I was absolutely delighted! I invited my mum along, who was all to keen to try the meat dishes as I'm a vegetarian (to provide an "in-depth" review of the menu).
Nestled adjecent to the cathedral's gardens, The Botanist is a wonderfully charming restaurant decorated with rustic furnishings, garden tools and floral patterns (it's easy to see why I love it here so much!).
Whilst we perused the menu we ordered non-alcoholic cocktails. Mine was a zesty "Homemade Lemonade" and my mum selected the "Watermelon Dew" - which I was actually quite jealous of.
We also had a little bowl of olives, which completely converted me as I had previously always avoided them.
For our starters, we both chose the "Homemande Houmous Board" which as you can see was a splendid offering of tasty houmous, crudités and fresh bread.
Admittedly for our main courses we were both absolutely spoilt for choice. I usually go for the vegetarian hanging kebab (which, let me tell you, is pretty damn fantastic!). But we wanted to try something new and were here to sample the new menu. So I went for the "Award Winning Sweet Potato and Spiced Lentil Pie" (opting for a jug of gravy instead of curry sauce), fries and a side dish of broccoli.
Best. Pie. Ever.
My mum had 1/2 a Chicken from The Rotisserie, accompanied by Cheesy Fries, Summer Slaw, and Charred Corn on the Cob.
We managed to save just enough space for a pudding... My mum had the Rocky Road Kebab and I had the Chocolate Fudge Cake - yum!
I also had a latte and my mum had a Macchiato in, quite possibly, the most adorable little cup I've ever seen!
We absolutely loved our lunch together and had such a wonderful afternoon! (Also thank you to Beth who looked after us superbly).
If ever you're in Chester and looking for somewhere to eat - I couldn't recommend this place any higher.

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