23 November 2016

An Ode To Autumn

As the days get a little shorter, the weather a little bleaker and the dark nights draw in, I prepare to bid farewell to my favourite season; Autumn. There’s no other time quite like it, when the air is crisp, yet the warm sun still shines and the bright yellow and orange trees glow. I’m really looking forward to Christmas, but Winter is just too cold and depressing (especially if you live in England).

I feel as though this Autumn has been especially different to any other; I started a new job, bought myself a whole new wardrobe, I (sort of) moved to Manchester (I don’t actually live here yet but I spend 12+ hours a day here and it’s quickly becoming my favourite city). I’m standing on my own two feet for the first time and I’m learning just how strong I can be.

As the seasons quickly change once again, i wanted to look back at my favourite memories from the last couple of months…

Things I love most:
Walking through crisp golden leaves
Pumpkin Spiced Lattes/Pumpkin themed everything
Cosy days with a book, blanket, and a brew
Lush pamper nights with cinnamon-scented candles + bath bombs
Walking through the forest with a hot chocolate
Jumpers, jumpers, and more jumpers
Watching You’ve Got Mail for the 100th time this month
Listening to Neil Young : Harvest whilst cycling through the golden trees at the park and feeling more Autumnal than Harry Potter drinking pumpkin juice in The Three Broomsticks
What are your favourite things about Autumn?
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  1. Your photos are so cosy looking! Autumn is such a lovely time of year, nature at it's best. I really need to get out and enjoy the season before it's too late.

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Thank you I'm so happy you liked my post :)
      Hayley x

  2. I love Autumn too. Something magical in the air that wakes up the senses and the colours! 😍😍 I even manage to enjoy the Winter months...just about! Lovely picture collage and post. Thank you!🎃🎆🍁🍂☔☕

    1. Thank you lovely :) I forgot to mention I love the Lush Halloween collection most :) (but I think that's a given!) x

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