31 January 2017

Month on film : January

As with most things, this was a bit of a disaster - my plan was to capture a whole month on film by keeping a disposable camera with me at all times, and snapping away my daily occurrences. (Which I did. And I thoroughly enjoyed doing so). Unfortunately I didn't turn the flash on and 85% of the film was completely unusable.

However! A few did turn out from a sunday spent strolling along the Wirral coastline, so I shall share these with you and remember - next time... use. the. flash.


30 January 2017

The Monthly Playlist : January

January has been an exciting month music-wise, I've been exploring the new records I got for Christmas and rediscovering old favourites of bands I've bought gig tickets to see very soon. So if you're struggling in this particularly gloomy month, hopefully some of my current favourite songs will cheer you up...