28 February 2017

Month on Film : February

Okay, so it happened again... only a few of the photos turned out. I think it's because the weather is just so dark and gloomy all the time. But I didn't really get up to much this month anyway;

I saw Bloc Party in Manchester, and Cabbage in Liverpool.

Had a lovely bike ride wearing my favourite rainbow jumper

It snowed in Manchester

andddd that's pretty much about it! I bought lots of new vinyl, drank copious amounts of coffee and went to a few other gigs (which the photos definitely didn't turn out, partly due to the rum and cokes I was drinking).

I do really want to keep my monthly film diary, but it's so disheartening when I look forward to getting it developed all month and they turn out rubbish. Hoping the quality improves as we start to get more sunlight, or maybe I should invest in a proper film SLR...

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