19 November 2017

The Mini Adventure: Wriggly Tin Shepherd's Hut

A couple of weeks ago I ran away on an adventure to the countryside to completely relax and unplug. To get away from the city noise, constantly social media checking, and the stress of every day life...

I found the most idyllic spot, located in the South Downs, the Wriggly Tin Shepherd's Huts are the most beautiful (and comfortable) place to unwind for a few days.
For breakfast, a basket filled with fresh local produce was delivered to our little hut which we cooked on the campfire.
We had the full works (including vegetarian sausages) and it was the perfect start to the day.
After breakfast, we walked one of the recommended routes and came back for a spot of tea and reading by the fire.
Alex, the owner, delivered supper to our hut. A vegetarian crofter's pie and a sausage and cider casserole, accompanied by a selection of fresh vegetables. We cooked this in our wood-burning stove and enjoyed with a bottle of red wine.
As the evening grew darker, the night sky illuminated and the stars shone more brightly than I'd ever seen before - you could even see the Milky Way! 

Our little hut stayed toasty as we kept adding logs to the stove and we settled in for the night.

Watch the video:

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