14 March 2018

Winter Florals For Spring

I enjoy floral print tea dresses all year round, this is no secret... however, with a self-inflicted spending ban until May, I have been looking through my winter wardrobe to see how I can transition my favourite pieces through to the next season.
One item I particularly cherished (and always will), was a beautiful Liberty of London print dress that was so kindly handmade for me by the lovely Rose Halstead who owns Plum & Pigeon. Although I enjoyed wearing it throughout A/W, I found it was a little too cold and found myself layering with woolly tights and chunky cardigans. Now that spring has arrived (very nearly almost, anyway!) I am delighted to be able to wear it how I imagined...
I'm a big fan of thermals and "under jumpers" but I find a pretty ruffled turtle neck to be the ideal layering trick whilst it's still a bit chilly.
It has pockets! Again, big fan... I'm wearing my Rosefield Tribeca watch with pink strap, which I think compliments the subtle rose tones in the dress without being too girly.
I imagine in summer I'll probably wear a pair of Saltwater Sandals (a firm staple). But for the months where you're in between boots and sandals, I think trainers are perfectly acceptable to wear with floral dresses, especially with a pair of Marks & Sparks schoolboy socks! But it's personal preference I guess (my mother certainly wasn't a fan).
I'm sure there will be winter-spring transitional styling aplenty as I find myself battling my way through my spending ban, and spring is my favourite season so an increase in floral patterns is a given!

Dress: c/o Plum & Pigeon // White Ruffle Turtle Neck (similar) //  

21 February 2018

Sunday Girl

Two of my favourite things about Sundays: Coffee + fresh blooms.
If I'm not spending the day sleepily tucked up with a stack of books, I'm out and about getting my caffeine fix and buying flowers to brighten up my apartment.
And with Spring right around the corner... that means tulips are decorating the pavements outside city florists. They are one of my very favourite blooms, so bright and cheerful! And of course signifying the start of a brand new season.
It's still very chilly here in the UK, so I've recently treated myself to a brand new dream knit. From And Other Stories - it's all things pink and lovely.
Coats and hats are currently still adorned, but I find a colourful beret the perfect Spring accessory to add a pop of colour to an outfit. I have quite a few and I'm often asked where I get them from - I can recommend Accessorize, H&M, ASOS & Topshop.
What I'm wearing:
And Other Stories 'Amour' Sweater // Topshop Denim A-Line Mini Skirt // Dr Martens Black 2976 Chelsea Boots // Archive by Alexa Princess Coat M&S (sold out) // Topshop Wicker Basket (similar) // 

11 February 2018

The Monthly Playlist : February

I'm kind of sleep-walking my way through this month, so here's a collection of music I've been listening to whilst usually hibernating in a nest I've made on my bedroom floor - wrap yourself in a blanket, light some candles & grab a brew...


4 February 2018

Mini Lush Haul : Valentine's Day Collection

I always look forward to the new collections at Lush after Christmas - the bright colours and fresh floral scents mean that Spring is well and truly on the way.
 As we are now in February, that means Valentine's Day is right around the corner. And even though I'm not in a relationship doesn't mean I can't celebrate the special day dedicated to L O V E!
I especially enjoy having a Lush pamper evening and cosying up with a rom-com and a load of chocolate.

This year's Lush Valentine's Day offering have provided me with one of my very favourites - the Unicorn Horn bubble bar, and some new appearances too. Here's what I bought...

Brand new for 2018! A very zesty and uplifting scent, which I believe leaves trails of bright pink and purple as it chugs around the bath.

I always look forward to this lovely little rose scented bath bomb, it contains rosebuds and turns your bath water a delicate pink - very pretty.

Crumble the bubbleroon under the hot tap and watch it fill the bath with gorgeous rose scented bubbles. Then relax as the bergamot and shea butter centre melts away and gently moisturises the skin.

This is a nice treat if you're not a fan of the traditional rose scented products. It contains ylang ylang and bergamot oils which are very brightening, and also geranium and jasmine which soothes and calms the mind.

My all-time favourite Valentine's Day product (and possible Top 5 of the year), the Unicorn Horn bubble bar contains relaxing lavender and brightening neroli oil which is the most beautiful and delicate scent. Crumble under the hot tap and watch the water turn a dreamy pastel pink/lilac with sparkly bubbles. 

I'll be sharing these products over on my Instagram Stories
Bath time = Sunday night

1 February 2018

H E L L O February! Time to get excited about Spring...

I am fully embracing the end of January over here... the month that seemed to last a lifetime! And speaking of time (ho ho ho), I have something rather lovely to share with you.
Blush pink and rose gold detailing? Yes please. The Rosefield Tribeca Pink Leather Strap Watch is so dreamy and perfect for February and the impending Valentine's Day celebrations.
I usually go for a more masculine style watch, in either black or brown leather. But I am very much in love with this feminine and delicate style which has me very excited for all things Spring and pastel coloured!

For 10% off Rosefield watches at Watch Nation, use the code: hayley10 x

21 January 2018

The Monthly Playlist : January

I thought I'd make this a regular feature on my blog - seeing as though I really bloody love listening to music... I have BBC6 Music on in the background all day/night, I adore spending Sundays record shopping, and pretty much scroll though Spotify most nights finding new music to get into. 

Also, there are a few of you that do occasionally ask what music I have in videos etc so I thought this would be a nice little chance for us to share what we're currently listening to! Please also feel free to pop any recommendations down and let me know what you're enjoying atm. 


14 January 2018

"I think we're just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that, Richie"

I have been a Wes Anderson enthusiast for quite some time, I fell in love with his distinctive cinematography and visuals, dream colour palettes and quirky characters when I first watched The Life Aquatic. (Excellent soundtrack, too). 

My favourite film of his is, of course, The Royal Tenenbaums. (If you haven't seen it, go and watch it immediately). So when SHRIMPS (another dreamy yet usually unattainable brand I'm obsessed with), designed a jumper dedicated to the heartbreaking love story between Margot and Ritchie, I did a little squeal, pondered for a while, and decided to welcome another jumper to my knitwear collection. 

Absolutely beautiful and also suitably versatile with a variety of outfits - it is my mission to style my new jumper in as many ways as possible to justify spending more than a month's rent on one item of clothing…  

On this occasion I have worn it loosely tucked into my new flared jeans from Topshop (a style which is very new to me, but I am totally digging at the moment). They can be a little unflattering to be honest, but they're super comfy and make me feel like Farrah Fawcett on a skateboard. 

On my feet are another new addition to my wardrobe - my pink Adidas Gazelles. Which I feel compliment the Wes inspired colour palette of this look beautifully. I'm v.much into pink at the moment, particularly when paired with teal and mint green.


11 January 2018

My Top Sale Picks

The January Sales are well under way, but don't worry if you think you've missed out on all the best bits - I've selected a few of my favourite finds that I'll be adding to my wish-list this month!


7 January 2018

Hello 2018!

I hope you have all had a lovely 1st week of a brand new year!
Mine has been a slower starter - after a much needed Christmas hibernation and a 3 day NYE hangover (thanks late-twenties)... I needed to edge into this week a little slower and more caffeinated than usual.

But I have had a full week to reflect on last year and really think deeply on what I want this new year to bring - instead of making 20 resolutions I usually break within the first three weeks.

I have decided to take a break from YouTube and focus on my blog. This may be a year long, or a month. As Blogging is a hobby alongside a full time job, I found my passion of filmmaking and editing to become somewhat tedious - editing at 3am and getting up for work after 4 hours sleep, never 100% happy with the result and posting content I wasn't proud of.

So until I find myself in a setting I am comfortable to make films in, with the tools and equipment I am saving up for, I would prefer to wait until I make videos again.

I hope to now focus on my Blog and Instagram - which I was amazed to have seen flourish in 2017! I was very fortunate to work with some of my favourite brands such as Topshop and Joanie, and also meet lots of lovely new people along the way.

This past week I have concentrated on an achievable Blog plan, to one I will be excited and happy to create and post content twice a week.

A lot of you have asked for more outfit posts so I will be focusing on these whilst also writing about music, beauty and lifestyle.

Please do let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see featured on my Blog and also feel welcome to ask any questions or leave any comments as I do love a natter with you!
I'm so excited for the next 12 months and I hope 2018 brings love and happiness for us all.

Love, H x