7 January 2018

Hello 2018!

I hope you have all had a lovely 1st week of a brand new year!
Mine has been a slower starter - after a much needed Christmas hibernation and a 3 day NYE hangover (thanks late-twenties)... I needed to edge into this week a little slower and more caffeinated than usual.

But I have had a full week to reflect on last year and really think deeply on what I want this new year to bring - instead of making 20 resolutions I usually break within the first three weeks.

I have decided to take a break from YouTube and focus on my blog. This may be a year long, or a month. As Blogging is a hobby alongside a full time job, I found my passion of filmmaking and editing to become somewhat tedious - editing at 3am and getting up for work after 4 hours sleep, never 100% happy with the result and posting content I wasn't proud of.

So until I find myself in a setting I am comfortable to make films in, with the tools and equipment I am saving up for, I would prefer to wait until I make videos again.

I hope to now focus on my Blog and Instagram - which I was amazed to have seen flourish in 2017! I was very fortunate to work with some of my favourite brands such as Topshop and Joanie, and also meet lots of lovely new people along the way.

This past week I have concentrated on an achievable Blog plan, to one I will be excited and happy to create and post content twice a week.

A lot of you have asked for more outfit posts so I will be focusing on these whilst also writing about music, beauty and lifestyle.

Please do let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see featured on my Blog and also feel welcome to ask any questions or leave any comments as I do love a natter with you!
I'm so excited for the next 12 months and I hope 2018 brings love and happiness for us all.

Love, H x


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