4 February 2018

Mini Lush Haul : Valentine's Day Collection

I always look forward to the new collections at Lush after Christmas - the bright colours and fresh floral scents mean that Spring is well and truly on the way.
 As we are now in February, that means Valentine's Day is right around the corner. And even though I'm not in a relationship doesn't mean I can't celebrate the special day dedicated to L O V E!
I especially enjoy having a Lush pamper evening and cosying up with a rom-com and a load of chocolate.

This year's Lush Valentine's Day offering have provided me with one of my very favourites - the Unicorn Horn bubble bar, and some new appearances too. Here's what I bought...

Brand new for 2018! A very zesty and uplifting scent, which I believe leaves trails of bright pink and purple as it chugs around the bath.

I always look forward to this lovely little rose scented bath bomb, it contains rosebuds and turns your bath water a delicate pink - very pretty.

Crumble the bubbleroon under the hot tap and watch it fill the bath with gorgeous rose scented bubbles. Then relax as the bergamot and shea butter centre melts away and gently moisturises the skin.

This is a nice treat if you're not a fan of the traditional rose scented products. It contains ylang ylang and bergamot oils which are very brightening, and also geranium and jasmine which soothes and calms the mind.

My all-time favourite Valentine's Day product (and possible Top 5 of the year), the Unicorn Horn bubble bar contains relaxing lavender and brightening neroli oil which is the most beautiful and delicate scent. Crumble under the hot tap and watch the water turn a dreamy pastel pink/lilac with sparkly bubbles. 

I'll be sharing these products over on my Instagram Stories
Bath time = Sunday night

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