6 May 2018

Bank Holiday Amongst The Bluebells

"The Bluebell is the sweetest flower, that waves in summer air. Its blossoms have the mightiest power, to soothe my spirit's care."
There is something so special about the violet carpet that fills the woods during late-spring. It reminds me of visiting my grandparents and picking a handful of bluebells for my Grandma along the way.
And so my outfit is also inspired by a childhood memory: the culottes. I think I had a pair in every colour when I was little, and they were so comfy especially during summer. I've seen quite a wide variety on the high street, but the only ones I've truly liked the exact fit and shape of are actually from the children's department in Next! (FYI Age 16 is equal to a size 8). I may have also added a couple of  little girls' summer dresses and the cutest embroidered top with a giraffe on it! Truly an ode to childish dressing...
I've also acquired a new pair of blush Superga, because nothing says new season like new kicks! I think they're super pretty and will go with almost every summer dress I own. And of course, my spring/summer staple: the basket bag. Perfect for your freshly picked flowers (although I learned you're not allowed to pick bluebells shortly after I pinched a few for my bedside table - I apologise profusely). 
What I'm wearing:


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