29 July 2018

Sunday Girl

On this particularly dull and rainy Sunday, I thought I'd share one of my favourite outfits from the summer - when the sun was shining and my skin was a little burnt from the prior afternoon spent sunbathing in the garden...
2 Sundays ago I went for a pre-birthday dinner in Chester with my family, and of course roped my mother into a few snaps in my favourite little spot. You may recognise it from previous outfit posts - and probably many more to come; I adore the mint green front doors and pastel pink walls that decorate Abbey Square.
 The dress in question is from And Other Stories - in particular - designed in the Stockholm atelier, which is always my favourite collection. Their designs reinvent classic and romantic styles in a contemporary and pragmatic design.
For example, it features tie ribbons on the shoulders and has pockets! Something that always excites me in a garment.
I packed my evening essentials in my beautiful basket bag - which my mother brought back from Italy as a gift last summer.
And wore my trusty navy Saltwaters; definitely the sandal of the season. I may have to invest in a variety of colours if this heatwave makes a come back because I practically live in them.
Oh and my sunglasses are from Topshop, aaaages ago! But you're probably sick of seeing them by now - they also hardly ever leave my reach.
 What I'm wearing:
Dress : & Other Stories // Basket : Italy // Sandals : Saltwater Sandals // Sunglasses (similar)


21 July 2018

Beach Birthday

Every year, weather permitting, I spend my birthday at one of my favourite places; Abersoch.

We packed up the car and made the 3 hour journey to the coast to spend the afternoon on the beach, with a picnic of French pastries and fresh fruit.
I absolutely love the pretty little beach huts that decorate the sands, and they are often my motivation to work hard and save my money - I hope one day I'll have a little seaside cottage and a beach hut of my own. But for now I'll just have to stand awkwardly infront of them and hope nobody shoo's me away from theirs!
Outfit details
Dress : Rouje // Sandals : Salt Water Sandals // Basket : Cath Kidton (similar) // Bikini : Cos

I have been lusting after a dress from Rouje for ages, I have a massive crush on Jeanne Damas and her French style is so effortlessly cool. I thought my birthday was the perfect excuse to treat myself and I bloody love it. 
The sandals and straw bag are perfect for the beach and makes the dress a little more casual.
I spent my last birthday in my twenties reflecting on the last decade, and my goals and achievements. And whereas I'm not traditionally where one probably should be at my age, I think I've done pretty well... I have a job that I love, the most loving and supporting family, a crackin' bunch of mates, I'm just about to move into my very first apartment of my own, and I have a hobby that enables me to be creative and make lots of new friends (10,000 of you! - on my birthday as well ).
So whilst I set sail into the last of my twenties, I'm incredibly excited to see what the next 12 months hold!


15 July 2018

The Ultimate Summer Staple

If there’s one thing every girl needs in her summer wardrobe, it’s a white cotton broderie sundress...
I have quite a few versions of this timeless classic, from mini to maxi, but my new favourite is this beautiful midi length from Zara. Actually, it’s from the Kid’s section at Zara and was a total lucky find. It’s age 13-14 but I think that’s quite accurately a size 8. And it was... 13. English. pounds.
The best £12.99 I’ve ever spent no less!

I’m completely obsessed with it and I’ve already worn it loads - from picnics in the park to having a pint at the pub. My favourite way to style it is with a pair of sandals, a wicker basket and a straw sun hat - for a traditional English look. But I also enjoy wearing it with a pair of Adidas gazelles and throwing on a biker jacket for a cooler vibe.

It has the prettiest frill detailing, I’ve been compared to a ghost but I totally think it’s more angelic than anything!

It’s currently still available on the Zara website, here.


6 July 2018

Top 10 Summer Beauty Staples

1. Johnson's Holiday Skin body lotion
2. John Frieda Beach Blonde shampoo
3. Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Flirt
4. Tom Ford Portofino perfume
5. Sleek Blush by 3 California
6. Garnier Micellar Water
7. Lush Scrubee
8. Charles Worthington Sunshine UV Protection spray
9. Toni & Guy Sea Salt spray
10. Essie Fiji nail polish

1 July 2018

Barcelona Diary

Last month I visited Barcelona for Primavera Festival, and fell in love with the city. I went with a group of friends and it was one of the best holidays of my life - sunshine, music, mates... what else could you ask for?!
I've jotted down a few notes of what I got up to, along with some snaps from my disposable camera - but if there's anything else you'd like to know, please do pop me a message :-)

Upon arrival into Barcelona, we got the Metro to our apartment (I would not advise this - it was complicated and took far too long, a taxi is roughly €20 into the centre and gives you more time to explore the city).
We stayed at the TYCHE Apartment, which was my first Airbnb experience. It was a Wes Anderson inspired dream - with pastel colour schemes and mid-century furnishings. I would highly recommend staying here if you're visiting Barcelona with a group of friends.
After settling in we took the Metro to the Gothic Quarter for an evening stroll, a few jugs of Sangria and a delicious tapas.
I've created an Instagram Stories Highlight if you'd like to see more of what I got up to.

On Wednesday morning we visited La Sagrada Familia for a spot of sightseeing and then headed over to the festival site to collect our wristbands. 
We did travel by Metro for most of the trip which is one thing I would advise against, if possible. I think the best way to see a new city is by foot - I can't say I saw much of the beautiful city and it was difficult to get my bearings with travelling underground most of the time. But I suppose it definitely gives me a reason to go back for a city break.

Day 1 of the festival. We headed down to the beach where the Aperol stage/bar was conveniently located, and spent the early evening watching the sea, listening to the Four Tet DJ set and sipping Aperol Spritz. It was soon tea time and the food on offer there is absolutely glorious, there was so much vegetarian/vegan choice that I couldn't make up my mind! Although I was a regular at the Paella stall and also the vegan pizza stand was definitely worth the queue. 
Evening sets included Warpaint, Bjork, and Nick Cave. We were all pretty shattered so we had an early night (1AM)... because it's so hot the bands are usually on from late evening to gone midnight, with some DJs playing until 6! So it took a little adjusting to.

Our mornings usually now start with the girls going out to get fresh bread, coffee and pastries, for us all to have breakfast together at the table - I think this was my favourite part about going on holiday with a group of friends, it was especially nice to enjoy some time in the apartment as it was such a lovely environment.
Today was especially hot, so we spent a couple of hours down in the port where there was shade and a nice breeze. Father John Misty kicked things off at sunset, followed by The National, Thundercat (who my friends converted me to at the festival and I would highly recommend a listen), and Haim performed a spectacular headline slot... I absolutely need a pair of silver flares in my life now.

The day had finally arrived, we'd been waiting 5 years to see them and the anticipation was high.
But before the festivities, there was much to see - including Car Seat Headrests, Jane Birkin (a life goal completed), Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Ariel Pink and Lorde. 
Arctic Monkeys' performance that night was something that will truly stay with me forever, each time I've seen them live Alex has brought a new energy on stage and this time was completely different. They played the older, indie bangers, and of course we all went mental. But their new record, I think, is a more mature and chilled out direction. We all had a good old sing along and made memories that will last a life time.

The festival came to an end with Beach House, a pure dream to experience and a perfect way to say goodbye to Primavera 2018.

So on the way home the night before, I was pick-pocketed and spent most of the night crying and panicking. Sunday afternoon was spent traipsing around the city in the pouring rain trying to find a police station which was open, and then the next couple of hours waiting to file a report.

However, that evening was truly special and will always stay with me - everyone was feeling a bit down, no energy, and soaking wet... We stumbled across a tiny hidden away tapas bar in the Gothic Quarter, lured in by fairy lights and an acoustic guitar. We ate, drank a lot of mojitos and it was one of those evenings that your tummy actually hurts from laughing so much. I think I was particularly in the moment because for the first time since my teens, I was out enjoying myself without my phone, my distractions, no need to stop for posed photos or check to see what everyone else is doing. And I didn't once feel the loss of my phone either.

On the way back to the apartment we decided to walk along the beach, and before we knew it we were all swimming in the sea! (This is not sensible and would advise against it).

I had the most amazing time in Barcelona, and I'm 100% a Glastonbury goer - my favourite place on earth, but I have definitely found a new experience that I hope will carry on for years to come.

Primavera, see you in 2019.