21 July 2018

Beach Birthday

Every year, weather permitting, I spend my birthday at one of my favourite places; Abersoch.

We packed up the car and made the 3 hour journey to the coast to spend the afternoon on the beach, with a picnic of French pastries and fresh fruit.
I absolutely love the pretty little beach huts that decorate the sands, and they are often my motivation to work hard and save my money - I hope one day I'll have a little seaside cottage and a beach hut of my own. But for now I'll just have to stand awkwardly infront of them and hope nobody shoo's me away from theirs!
Outfit details
Dress : Rouje // Sandals : Salt Water Sandals // Basket : Cath Kidton (similar) // Bikini : Cos

I have been lusting after a dress from Rouje for ages, I have a massive crush on Jeanne Damas and her French style is so effortlessly cool. I thought my birthday was the perfect excuse to treat myself and I bloody love it. 
The sandals and straw bag are perfect for the beach and makes the dress a little more casual.
I spent my last birthday in my twenties reflecting on the last decade, and my goals and achievements. And whereas I'm not traditionally where one probably should be at my age, I think I've done pretty well... I have a job that I love, the most loving and supporting family, a crackin' bunch of mates, I'm just about to move into my very first apartment of my own, and I have a hobby that enables me to be creative and make lots of new friends (10,000 of you! - on my birthday as well ).
So whilst I set sail into the last of my twenties, I'm incredibly excited to see what the next 12 months hold!



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