3 December 2018

The Cosiest Christmas Jammies #LoveGiving

As Christmas fast approaches, I have began to think about my gift giving this festive season - and how I'd like to give my loved ones more meaningful presents this year.
One tradition that is almost as important as the turkey dinner is that my mum, my sister and I always gift each other new Christmas PJ's - because there's no feeling quite like a fresh pair of festive jammies!
I really love this pair of Cath Kidston Snow Scene PJs, they're brushed flannel so they're perfect for cosying up on cold winter nights and curling up with your favourite treats - even though I wasn't able to wait until Christmas Eve for them, I know they'll make the perfect gift for my mum and sister.
The cute pattern also comes in socks and other accessories too so they're a great gift idea if you wanted to put together a little Christmas Eve box!


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