26 February 2019

Early Signs of Spring

After an alarmingly warm and sunny week in February, we’ve all seen the early signs that spring is just around the corner… daffodils are blooming in the park, tulips are in full swing in every florist’s window, and I’ve successfully avoided the Easter Egg aisle in my corner shop for the past four weeks.

And although the weather is in stark contrast to this time last year (let’s not forget the beast from the east), it is a welcome surprise after a particularly long and cold winter.

With a little help from Very’s Spring collection – I’ve found a couple of statement pieces to carry me through the seasonal transition and add a fresh start to my current wardrobe of dark chunky knits and black Chelsea boots.

Firstly, let’s talk about this Mango dream of a jumper. Slight turtle neck, cable knit and the prettiest petal pink – all of my favourite things one would expect to find in the perfect spring knit. It’s also slightly cropped at the front too, so it tucks nicely into a pair of high-waist jeans.

And if you’re wanting to brave the cropped jeans but aren’t ready for bare ankles in February – these statement ankle boots (also from Mango) are the ideal solution and adds a pop of spring tones to your outfit too!

I think the combination of a chunky knit tucked into cropped kick-flares paired with a statement boot is very Parisian-chic and a look I’m hoping to channel more in the season ahead.

*Post in paid partnership with Very


23 February 2019

The Monthly Playlist: February

After a slow start to the year and a chilled out playlist last month, February has been the polar opposite and been bursting with new music. This weekend I've been listening to the following on repeat whilst walking around the city with the sun shining, dreaming of summer and sun-filled evenings dancing and drinking overpriced cider with mates.
And new music excites me to think that most of these artists will be performing at plenty of festivals this year!

1. Foals - On The Luna
2. Catfish & The Bottlemen - Longshot
3. Beirut - Landslide
4. White Denim - Shanalala
5. Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
6. Foals - Exists
7. Yak - Fried 
8. Drenge - Never See the Signs
9. Charlotte Adigery - High Lights
10. James Blake - Don't Miss It


16 February 2019


My second monthly reading list of 2019 is quite a long one, and I don't necessarily aim to read them all in the shortest month of the year (as I also have the entire Game of Thrones set to read on my morning commute to work), but this is more so a collection of books and magazines that are next on my to-read pile.

N U M B E R  O N E
i-D Magazine
I bought this magazine solely for the purpose of weeping over the Timothée Chalamet interview by Harry Styles... Which I highly recommend.

N U M B E R  T W O
Sunday Girl Magazine
My favourite independent magazine for "intellectual, creative and ambitious girls" - covering topics from mental health, fashion/style, interviews and mixtapes, it's a breath of fresh air and always gives me creative inspiration.

N U M B E R  T H R E E
LAGOM : The Swedish Art of Balanced Living
Following my previous month's obsession with Hygge - I was curious about this other Scandi lifestyle trend. Lagom is loosely translated to "not too little, not too much, just right." I haven't started reading this yet but I look forward to learning more about work-life balance and I'm hoping to adopt a more environmentally conscious style of living - both aspects of lagom. lifestyle.

N U M B E R  F O U R
Another Planet by Tracey Thorn
I haven't read any of Tracey's books, but after listening to her interview on BBC6 Music I was very interested in reading about her teenage life in the 70s.

N U M B E R  F I V E
Calm The F**ck Down by Sarah Knight
I stumbled across this book on a lunch break visit to Oliver Bonas - I was riddled with stress and having a particularly anxious week. I've heard great reviews of her previous books: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k and  Get Your Sh*t Together. I was immediately drawn to the three main questions this book asks:
Do you waste time overthinking things you can't do anything about? 
Do you freak out when things don't go to plan? 
Does anxiety get in the way of you living your best life?

N U M B E R  S I X
everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton
This has been on my reading list for quite a while following it's recent hype on social media. I'm currently about a quarter of the way through and it really resonates with me and is helping me through life at the moment - thank you Dolly 

Have you read any of the above? If so, what did you think?

2 February 2019

My Hygge Essentials Kit

I've always enjoyed a cosy Sunday at home and the key elements that contribute to a feeling of comfort and relaxation: a warm blanket, candles, a brew and a stack of books. But it wasn't until I read 'The Little Book of Hygge' last month that I discovered there is so much more to this feeling of cosiness.

In Norwegian, hygge means "well-being." The Danish concept encompasses both physical and emotional wellness, as well as being with people you love in a cosy environment. In the end, hygge doesn't just describe a feeling; it's one of those untranslatable words that expresses much more than one concept.

So hygge is a cosy place where everyone feels safe, comfortable, and surrounded by the people they love. This could be a weekend afternoon in winter snuggled under blankets with your loved one, listening to the rain whilst you're tucked up in bed, or a sunny day with friends at the beach.

Although hygge is generally something that just happens, and not necessarily something that can be forced - I decided to compile a list of items that contribute towards my ultimate feeling of comfort and happiness, or for you to feel inspired by a few special components to create some hyggelight times of your own...

Nothing speaks happiness in winter than cosying up on the sofa with a blanket - this one in particular was hand-knit by my mum, which smells like home and contributes to that extra feeling of safety and comfort.

Candles are Hygge 101. It's all about soft, gentle lighting rather than harsh bright lights. Traditionally the Danes prefer unscented candles - but I'm a sucker for seasonal scents and those that encompass everything I love about winter, e.g, cinnamon & clove, fig & cassis, or amber.

I have been a passionate book-worm since I was little, and after a long week of working at a computer 9-5.30 and then spending the evenings on my phone scrolling Instagram - the benefits of switching off all digital devices for your moments of hygge is invaluable.

Woollen socks
There is nothing hygge about cold feet. I have a whole drawer dedicated to my obsession with chunky knitted socks. My favourite pair were a Christmas gift from my sister - a cashmere pair from The White Company, and although the luxury of them are not what makes them hygge - it's more the thought and love that went behind such a special present.

Acoustic guitar
Whether it's practising myself, listening to friends or a loved one play, or indeed an acoustic Spotify playlist - there's nothing more relaxing than listening to acoustic guitar under a blanket..

Vinyl & a record player
Again, I try to minimise digital/electronic devices when I'm having a cosy evening - but a stack of my favourite vinyl records to play or discuss with friends makes me very happy! Perhaps I'll create a Hygge Playlist of my favourites...

I'm a huge pyjama enthusiast - my favourite have always been from Cath Kidston, they're soft brushed cotton and have the cutest patterns! Plus I usually only receive them as Christmas presents from my mum, sister, or nanna - so they always make me smile when I put them on.

Lush goodies
My favourite Sunday night routine is a classic Lush pamper night - there is no better feeling than dedicating an entire evening to self care and relaxation. At the heart of any pamper night lies the bubble bath, and this of course is fuelled by Lush. I even love going to the Lush store to hand select my pamper items.

Fairy lights
If candles aren't your thing, warm fairy lights will do just the job! They're also nice to repurpose after Christmas so that your home doesn't feel so bare after the festive season ends.

To reiterate my cold feet comment - I have discovered the sheer pleasure of a comfy pair of slippers at the ripe old age of 29.

A bowl of warm popcorn whilst watching a movie, a coffee + croissant on a Saturday morning, or a homemade stew on a cold winter evening. Comfort food is the ultimate way to add happiness to your cosy routine.

A warm beverage: tea/coffee/hot cocoa
I absolutely love a brew - the contents depending on the time of day. In mornings/afternoons I'm a huge coffee drinker. I do enjoy a Yorkshire Tea and used to drink them by the bucketload, but not so much no I've cut down on dairy - instead I opt for a special blend loose leaf herbal tea, in particular from Leaf (Their Autumn Leaf contains cinnamon, cloves and orange for added winter warmth). And of course we all love a hot chocolate in winter!

What's in your hygge essentials kit?