9 June 2019


This has got me feeling a serious case of holiday blues. Last week I went to Bali and I think it was one of the best times of my life, ever.

We stayed at Canggu Village Accommodation and for the first time in my life I headed out without a plan or itinerary. I of course researched the culture and important bits but I just wanted to go and do whatever for 10 days.

Canggu is a really awesome surfing village on the south coast of the island of Bali - if I could describe it in 3 terms in would be: the most delicious vegetarian food I've ever eaten, the friendliest locals I've ever had the pleasure to meet, and the most chilled out I've ever been.

I'm already planning on going back one day and I'd love to go for longer and see more of the island, but as we were only there for 10 days we pretty much stayed in Canggu - and here are my personal best bits...


This was definitely on my bucket list for this trip and we looked at some of the professional surf schools which took you out for the day (or even offered 5+ day classes) and included all the important stuff. But we ended up just heading down to the beach and speaking to one of the local surfer guys who offered 2 hour lessons for 450,000 IDR. This was enough, believe me, after an hour we were so exhausted and it doesn't take more than that to learn the basics - if you pick it up easily then you can hire your own surf board after that.

Pretty Poison Skate Park
If you've ever seen Lords of Dogtown or you're just looking for a really cool place to hang out then head here. It's worth the 20 minute walk along a pitch black road. The cocktails are all themed to the movie and they have the best merch around. On Thursdays there's a skate jam which swiftly had me ordering a pair of vans on the trip home.

Favourites places for:





♥ Old Man's

The main street is filled with cool shops for surf and yoga (Billabong, Ripcurl etc). But if you're wanting to find some local products or gifts then head to the Love Anchor market which sells clothes, interiors, baskets, wooden bowls, jewellery, arts & crafts etc.

Watching the sunset