9 August 2019

Summertime Bucket List (in 1 month)

Is it just me or has summer been and gone in a flash this year? All of a sudden I'm seeing adverts for Bake Off and Autumn collections, and I haven't done half of what I'd planned to this season!

So before I start to contemplate my transitional seasonal wardrobe - I'm going to get stuck into my summer bucket list...

♥️ Ice cream van
♥️ Day at the beach
♥️ Picnic in the park
♥️ Outdoor cinema
♥️ Chips by the sea
♥️ (Vegetarian) BBQ

First on the list was the ice cream van - can you believe this is my first 99 this year?! Whilst I tried to hide my utter shock that a Mr Whippy now sets you back £2.50 with my best smile - I'm excited to don my favourite summer pieces and make the most out of the sunshine whilst I can!

What I'm wearing:

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