4 April 2020

You are more than your productivity

After my third week of self-isolation/lockdown/quarantine I wanted to share a rather honest blog post for anyone else that might be feeling a little lost at the moment. I took a short "holiday" from social media this week - because I was becoming overwhelmed with how everybody seemed to just snap into this new way of life... adapting to new WFH routines and being able to change everything so quickly, whilst I had just enough motivation to get up and pop the kettle on.

Then I read an Insta-quote saying "you are more than your productivity" - which made me realise it's totally okay if all you have the energy for right now is taking care of yourself, keeping alive and healthy.

None of us are used to this, and as each of our bodies are different, we're all going to adjust differently and at different speeds.

So I stopped checking the news, and tried not to compare myself to what everyone else was doing, and tried to just be.

I've started to feel more positive and optimistic now - looking forward to different ways I can spend my time at home, learning new things, whilst not being overwhelmed by taking on too much.

So if you're struggling too - just slow down, we're in no rush to become quarantine pros. And if all else fails, I hear baking banana bread does wonders for your soul!

H x

7 March 2020

Stepping into spring with Bibi

I am officially the proud new member of Darts Club!

From the designer that brought us the iconic red lips clutch bag, the Lulu Guinness SS20 collection features some inspired British pub classics like darts, the fruit machine, bingo, dominos and the crossword puzzle.

Vinyl trench coat : Topshop // Ruffle blouse : Zara Kids // Jeans : H&M // Loafers : Dr Martens //
Tote bag : Lulu Guinness

When I was asked to take part in the HowDoYouDoLulu campaign my inner pensioner jumped for joy! I love nothing more than an old man pub on a Sunday afternoon and the collection is a fun combination of playful style and pub games.

Everyone's falling for Bibi (including a number of male friends who took a particular interest in my new bullseye tote).

Who knew darts could be so chic?!

*Bag gifted as part of a paid promotion for an Instagram campaign

16 February 2020

5 'Emma' inspired dresses

This weekend brings Jane Austen's beloved comedy, Emma, to the big screens. And along with it, a brand new obsession with costume since my recent Little Woman episode last month.
Hayley's dress: Sister Jane

In celebration of the film (which looks like it has been set inside a giant cream cake), my friend Lucy and I decided to re-create some of the looks with dresses that you can find on the high-street right now.
Lucy's dress: ASOS

We had so much fun researching the film, characters, and period - sourced our favourite pieces and headed up to the Georgian Quarter with our cameras.
Hayley's dress: ASOS

It was important for us to style the dresses how we would genuinely wear them today/early spring - queue ankle boots instead of slippers, and there wasn't an upper length glove or set of pearls in sight!
Lucy's dress: ASOS (currently out of stock)

We wanted to include wearable dresses that took inspiration from the film and Georgian period - rather than looking like we're attending an 18th century costume party. And we fell so much in love with the dresses that we soon started planning spring/summer picnics and days out.
Hayley's dress: ASOS

Lucy & I had so much fun putting this together - it's such a joy to be creative together from the process of research, to shopping for the perfect dress, to shooting together and posting something we're both really proud of!


31 January 2020

The Monthly Playlist : January

Whilst my obsession with Little Women has intensified to pretty much listening to the score on repeat whilst simultaneously reading the novel and burying myself in anything Timothée Chalamet and Laura Dern related - there have been quite a few new releases this month that have thrust me from my January day dream into getting myself organised and motivated for the year ahead! (Queue visions of bopping to Bombay Bicycle Club's new record in fields with mates and cheap cider).

So whilst this month's playlist is rather eclectic, I hope you enjoy the melodies that have helped to sooth my muddled mind recently...

1. Alexandre Desplat - It's Romance
2. Bombay Bicycle Club - I Can Hardly Speak
3. The Amazons - Mother (Acoustic)
4. Circa Waves - Move to San Fransisco
5. Sam Fender - The Borders (live at Capitol Studios)
6. Blossoms - Oh No (I Think I'm In Love) (Acoustic)
7. Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday
8. Bombay Bicycle Club - Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)
9. The Amazons - Doubt It
10. Courteeners - Better Man
11. Blossoms - If You Think This Is Real Life
12. Liam Gallagher - Now That I've Found You (Acoustic)
13. Inhaler - We Have To Move On
14. APRE - Your Heart's Like A Jungle
15. Mac Miller - Good News
16. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Blue Moon Rising
17. Alexandre Desplat - Amy

13 January 2020