10 April 2020

Ideas for Easter at Home

I've been feeling quite bummed out about Easter this year, if you've followed me for a few years you'll know it's quite a big deal in our family, and we have 30 year old traditions - such as an Easter breakfast at my Grandparents' house followed by an egg hunt, a trip to Anglesey for a coastal walk, amongst other things. And living in a city centre studio away from my family - I wont be able to do any of the things I'm so familiar with and cherish dearly...

But then I remembered that pretty much everyone else here is in the same quarantined boat. So I dug through my archives of past Easter posts to share some ideas on how we can celebrate Easter at home.

1. Bake some goodies
My favourite Easter bake is Creme Egg Brownies, but a really simple classic (especially if you're struggling for ingredients) is a good old nest cake. I baked a chocolate sponge, covered it with a mixture of melted chocolate cornflakes, and decorated it with anything I could find!

2. Easter Delivery
Deliver some Easter cheer to your elderly family or neighbours by bicycle - you can use your recommended "one outdoor exercise per day" to make someone else's full of sunshine. Remember to keep your distance from older relatives... you can leave the goodies on the step and give them a little wave from the window!

3. Easter breakfast
Luckily this requires very little effort, we have the classic dippy eggs & soldiers accompanied by hot cross buns. Make a special occasion of it - set the table, use your best china and enjoy the morning.

4. Easter Egg Hunt in the garden
My grandparents have hosted an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden for 30 years, and as this will be the first year I won't be able to attend *sobs* so I'm going to do one for my 27 year old boyfriend in my studio apartment.

5. Fresh air walk
Whether you live alone or you're lucky enough to be spending this time with your family or loved ones - pack a flask of tea, wrap up some hot cross buns and take an Easter egg out for a brisk walk in the fresh air. We're all allowed one form of outdoor exercise per day so make the most of it! It might not be the beautiful coastal scenes of Anglesey that I'm accustomed to - but I'm going to walk down to the water at some point.

6. Pamper evening
One of my favourite Easter traditions is a Lush delivery - their spring products are almost up there with Christmas. I always order a huge box of goodies to enjoy over the Easter weekend. Regrettably this year I ordered them a month ago... to my mum's house... which I'm not at. So I've let my sister have at them instead.

7. Pyjama and film day
This one is pretty much what I'm sure the entire nation will be doing, and something we always save for Easter Monday. We put fresh jammies on, watch a selection of Easter themed films and eat as many of our Easter eggs as humanly possible. A few of our favourite films to watch are:
Miss Potter
Monty Python's Life of Brian
Jason and The Argonauts

I hope that whatever you're up to this Easter, you have a lovely weekend!

H x

4 April 2020

You are more than your productivity

After my third week of self-isolation/lockdown/quarantine I wanted to share a rather honest blog post for anyone else that might be feeling a little lost at the moment. I took a short "holiday" from social media this week - because I was becoming overwhelmed with how everybody seemed to just snap into this new way of life... adapting to new WFH routines and being able to change everything so quickly, whilst I had just enough motivation to get up and pop the kettle on.

Then I read an Insta-quote saying "you are more than your productivity" - which made me realise it's totally okay if all you have the energy for right now is taking care of yourself, keeping alive and healthy.

None of us are used to this, and as each of our bodies are different, we're all going to adjust differently and at different speeds.

So I stopped checking the news, and tried not to compare myself to what everyone else was doing, and tried to just be.

I've started to feel more positive and optimistic now - looking forward to different ways I can spend my time at home, learning new things, whilst not being overwhelmed by taking on too much.

So if you're struggling too - just slow down, we're in no rush to become quarantine pros. And if all else fails, I hear baking banana bread does wonders for your soul!

H x