15 September 2020

Creating a Gallery Wall

A couple of months ago we moved from a studio flat into our first home - which meant that I went from having very little space and not able to decorate/hang artwork to suddenly multiple empty walls crying out for detail.

I've always wanted to create my own gallery wall but I'm also aware of how daunting it can be when starting with a blank canvas. So I've popped my hints and tips into a blog post to share with you...

Firstly I assessed the space of the wall so that I had a rough idea of how many prints I could hang, I opened a blank Word document so that I could drop in images of the prints as I went along to make sure they flowed and that I wasn't left with a random arrangement. 

Desenio has a great Gallery Wall page for inspiration!

I really admire people that can create a totally random gallery wall and still make it look creative and amazing, I'd love to build my skills up to this as I progress. But for my first project I thought starting with a theme would keep things looking neat. I had two themes for my kitchen gallery wall: citrus fruits and splashes of turquoise to compliment my kitchen appliances.

Then I began browsing the Desenio website for prints that included these details:

Once I had decided on the final prints, I needed to select which would look best in what size... Personally I believe starting with one or two signature A2 prints and then adding in a few more A3 and A4 around that works best. I wanted to avoid A5 in case it looked cluttered.

I wanted to include a mix of wood, texture and finish in the frames, as opposed to all black, as the kitchen itself is a bit of a random selection. So I picked out the prints that had splashes of gold detail and went with gold frames for these two.

Now normally I would have stuck to my Word document plan and laid out the prints on the floor to measure the spacing etc, but the previous homeowner had very obviously featured a gallery wall in this very spot and had left nails hanging all over the shop. So instead of worrying about taking them out, I thought I'd try to fit the prints in around the leftover nails and see what I could do.

Fortunately I managed to cover the majority of them up and it's only left one or two exposed holes. But it just goes to show that sometimes overthinking and planning doesn't always work out best and sometimes gallery walls can look just as good when randomly thrown together.

I loved creating this gallery wall and I can't wait to add to it as time goes on, maybe even swapping out prints as the seasons change.

There's a 25% discount off Desenio prints and posters with the code 'HAYLEYMARGOT' between 15th - 17th September! (Offer excludes frames and personalised prints).

*This post was in collaboration with Desenio, who kindly gifted the featured prints.


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